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U HOTELS Qingdao profile

2019/2/16 20:56:32
Excellent tide hotel group was founded by U HOTELS Qingdao as the main branch of brands including U KITCHEN and U CLUB and other fields, is committed to creating a new trend of space. Designed to lead a new lifestyle and create new areas of consumption.
U HOTELS Qingdao is located in the scenic area of Laoshan Gold Coast, senior experience rooms for modern people tailored nearly 50, sitting on the top view of the island's coast extreme trend gathered to U Club, lock entertainment and avant-garde art theater U, global health new concept restaurant delicacy, and social trends dream, sexy, avant-garde, delicious, stop here, fusion, intersection, the achievements of a remarkable journey, all the extraordinary here, the brand-new life style.
U HOTELS Qingdao, creating extraordinary experience!

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Huaju Junyue Hotel Guangzhou traffic info

Business zone:Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport
Address:Guangdong · Guangzhou · huadouqu - No.399 Yingbin Avenue Huadou District Guangzhou China